Primavera di Caravaggio


A typical cheese from Bergamo’s dairy tradition and cultural inheritance of Defendi family. It is made according to our father Luigi’s ancient recipe, who began its production in the first half of last century. A soft and compact cheese pale yellow in colour with a thin and light pink rind.

An authentic cheese speciality

Its sweet and slightly aromatic flavour exemplifies all the goodness of the Italian dairy tradition and satisfies even the most discerning palates. The special cares dedicated to the production, still handmade and the maturation process guarantee to preserve the authentic flavour of old time. Great to enjoy with home-made bread and still full-bodied white wine.


Pasteurized cow MILK, salt, rennet.

Storage temperature (°C)


Available sizes


Net weight

4 Kg approx.

N° pieces per package

1 pz x styrofoam box


Net weight

2 Kg approx.

N° pieces per package

2 pz x ct

FORMA 600 g

Net weight

600 g approx.

N° pieces per package

4 pz x ct